'Phil Howden is a trustworthy, accountable and personable pension consultant. Traits which should be core to all in business, but rarely are in the round. A true professional and a pleasure to work with.'

Keith Kirwin, Finance Director

Procter Bros Ltd


'I have worked with Phil Howden for 5 years, and have always found him to be responsive and to provide sensible and pragmatic advice in what can be a highly complex area.'

Jerry Merton, Partner and Chief Financial Officer

Bristows LLP


'I have worked with Phil as independent trustee of a pension scheme for which I was the company representative. We worked together with the other trustees over a period of 4 years and during that time implemented many improvements to the process, structure and governance of the scheme. I found Phil to be highly knowledgeable as a pensions expert, he worked well as a team member and was able to communicate the technicalities well to enable a healthy and productive decision making process. I would recommend Phil highly to any organisation looking for an independent trustee or pension scheme advice.'
Richard Wagstaff - retired trustee

Cooplands (Doncaster) Pension and Death Benefit Scheme


'I have worked with Phil Howden in his capacity as a Pensions Consultant for a period of five years and found him to be totally reliable and professional in every aspect of business.'

Russell Revill, Managing Director (Operations)

Transdev Blazefield