Independent Professional Trustee - we can be appointed on trust-based (occupational) defined benefit and defined contribution schemes, as chair if desired.  We take the role of trustee very seriously, 21st century standards and expectations are second nature, but, as Pensions Rapport suggests, we strongly believe that a successful outcome requires a partnership between sponsoring employer and trustee board.  We believe there is rarely anything to be gained by encouraging the two parties to be at loggerheads.  As in most situations simple things done right, with mutual respect for the various roles and a willingness to seek consensus will most likely deliver the best outcome for members.



Impartial trusted adviser - Have you been with your current administrator and Scheme Actuary for an age?  Disappointed with  poor service and/or large, unaccountable fees, but too busy running your business to address the problem?  Do you take comfort (maybe misplaced) that the length of the relationship at least means your scheme records are good and benefits are administered correctly? At Pensions Rapport we provide neither administration nor actuarial services, but after 30 years in the profession we know those that do.  We can cost effectively run a tender exercise through to implementation, minimising the 'hassle' factor for you and giving you piece of mind that your scheme will be in a better place post transition.




A fresh pair of eyes - Do you wonder whether your pension schceme is run as effectively as it might be?  Relationships appear good, but...   Things seem to get done, but...   Our governance must be okay, musn't it?....  Our service/fee agreements look fine, but our costs always go upwards!


Consider an independent 360° review project.  Sensitively handled and garnering views of trustees, company management and admin, and key providers.  Strive for better!